Before you serve the people, you have to serve yourself.

Greetings working-class!

City Council is an animated comedy series about Anderson Bertow, a local councilman who aspires to become the mayor of New York City. Bertow is a well-meaning politician, but he is also very ambitious and somewhat self-serving. He is not well-liked by the people of Kingston, who view him as fake and untrustworthy.

In an attempt to improve his public image, Bertow hires an image consultant to help him rebrand himself. The consultants create a new persona for Bertow, one that is more down-to-earth and relatable. However, Bertow’s true personality always seems to shine through, and he often makes gaffes that damage his reputation even further.

City Council is a satirical look at the world of politics and the lengths that politicians will go to in order to get ahead. The show is also a comedy of errors, as Bertow’s attempts to improve his public image often backfire in hilarious ways.